Salmon connect Alaska’s ecosystems, cultures and economies

The State of Alaska Salmon and People Project (SASAP) seeks to provide a holistic, statewide overview of the status and characteristics of Alaska’s coupled human-salmon system. What has emerged is a deep look into the state of knowledge of the biological, sociocultural, economic, and governance dimensions of Alaska’s salmon and the people who depend upon them.

The SASAP project shares this knowledge with Alaska salmon users through comprehensive watershed-level summaries (Regions), focused research on specific salmon issues (Topics), and supported links to SASAP’s free, open-source datasets, accessible through the Salmon Data Portal.

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Image: Bob Waldrop, Redpoint Images

Explore Alaska's Regions

Alaskans and salmon know where they’re from.

Explore Alaska’s salmon regions to discover the important stories of these biologically and culturally unique areas. Histories and case studies provide a multidisciplinary in-depth look at the current state of salmon and people. Accessible graphs link to the original data sets on the Salmon Data Portal.

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Dig Deep into Special Topics

Salmon issues transcend boundaries.

Discover some of the multidimensional topics examined by SASAP researchers from all across the state. Topics investigated include deep Indigenous connections between salmon and people, links between salmon and community well-being, shifts in salmon size and ocean survival, and community-based monitoring tools that facilitate local engagement in management.
Illustration by Zack Martin, Ahtna


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Learn about the work of SASAP

Resolving complex problems requires many complementary ways of knowing. Through collaboration and partnership, experts from tribal, academic, agency, and other backgrounds have produced a wealth of integrated information about salmon and people in Alaska.

Information provided, including research summaries, accessible graphs and publicly available data sets, is intended to facilitate participation in public management processes by all Alaskans and help to inform current and pending management decisions that build equity into Alaska’s salmon and people systems.

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