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Announcing: The Alaska Salmon and People Website

Media Release: SASAP



  • SASAP:  Sarah Warnock       530-304-4621
  • NCEAS: Jenny Seifert   608-512-6259


  • The Alaska Salmon and People website is a unique online resource to support sustainable and equitable salmon management. Now more than ever, resource managers and communities need information for salmon decision-making.
  • The knowledge contained within the summaries is underpinned by a massive amount of data that is available free to the public through the Salmon Data Portal. A quick link to the portal is highlighted on every page.
  • The site aggregates western science and Indigenous knowledge with the aim of making salmon decision-making more inclusive and equitable. The collection represents the work of over 100 experts from Alaska and beyond who synthesized fundamental and current understandings about salmon that are important for sustainable management.
  • The SASAP project was co-led by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) and Anchorage-based Nautilus Impact Investing, and it was funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
  • The website contains over 100 datasets on biological, sociocultural, economic, and governance aspects of salmon
  • Synthesized summaries and in-depth narratives shed light on the significant issues faced by salmon and people in the state’s major salmon regions, and on the deep relationship Alaskans have with salmon


  • Peter Westley, lead SASAP scientist and a professor of salmon ecology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  “Alaskans remain extraordinarily connected to salmon, but they are not well connected to the science and data that informs the management decisions that impact their lives. A key goal of [the project] has been to level the playing field and give access to salmon-related data to all. By better connecting Alaskans with salmon science and data, they can feel more empowered to be active participants in decision-making.”
  • Dr Ian Dutton, SASAP Co-Principal Investigator and former principal at Nautilus Impact Investing.  “The website is a novel platform for promoting salmon literacy and public engagement. For the first time ever, Alaskans can access regional and thematic summaries of salmon information and the data that underpins those analyses. The information available on this new website will help Alaskans better understand the evolution and interdependence of salmon and people systems and so better contribute to future decision-making about salmon management. I encourage Alaskans to explore the site and provide feedback to NCEAS.”


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