Competition in a changing ocean

We know that ocean temperatures are increasing. We also know there are more salmon in the North Pacific than at any other point in the past 100 years. By accounting for how warming and increasing competition interact to affect salmon survival, we can help inform decision-makers on potential changes in salmon productivity to better plan for an uncertain future.

Our Team

The Ocean Climate Working Group is composed of fisheries scientists, ecological modelers, oceanographers, and climate scientists, all of whom are dedicated to understanding how salmon adapt to our changing ocean conditions.



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Group Members

Principal Investigators

Peter S. Rand, Ph.D

Principal Investigator
Prince William Sound Science Center

Pete has focused most of his career on studies of salmon biology and life history, helping to advance conservation and fisheries management. He served on the faculty at North Carolina State University, and was the Conservation Biologist at the Wild Salmon Center in Portland, Oregon. At the Prince William Sound Science Center, Pete leads studies of interactions between wild and hatchery Pacific salmon.

Robert W. Campbell, Ph.D

Principal Investigator
Prince William Sound Science Center

Rob is a biological oceanographer, and came to PWSSC via the University of Hamburg following a doctorate at the University of Victoria. His current research focuses on how the regional oceanography structures the biogeochemistry and plankton ecosystem of the northern Gulf of Alaska.

Kristen B. Gorman, Ph.D

Principal Investigator
Prince William Sound Science Center

Kristen is an evolutionary ecologist with has worked on diverse wildlife systems, from waterfowl of western Alaska to Antarctic seabirds. At the PWSSC, Kristen is leading the stream component of the Hatchery-Wild Salmon Interactions Program and the juvenile herring energetics component of the Herring Research and Monitoring Program.

Team Members/Advisors

Andrew Gray

NOAA Fisheries Auke Bay, Bay Laboratories

Ed Farley

NOAA Fisheries Auke Bay, Bay Laboratories

Greg Ruggerone

Natural Resources Consultants Inc.

Brendan Connors

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Jim Irvine

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Karen Dunmall

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Mike Malick

NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Milo Adkison

University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Todd Sformo

North Slope Borough

Trent Sutton

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Christian Zimmerman

US Geological Survey

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